Tiny Moving Parts Live In Manila

tiny moving parts manila

Last Friday I woke up early, took a day off of work, played Battlefield V for 3 hours straight, got ready, endured a 2-hour traffic to get to SM North Edsa and then watched a band I barely knew perform, and it was epic.

Having second thoughts

To be honest, I was worried the night before the concert that I may not enjoy it. I just discovered Tiny Moving Parts last February when my significant other gave me a gaming headset. I was looking for YouTube tutorials on how to use an equalizer for calibration, and then proceeded to listen to some midwest emo and math songs. Eventually, Caution played in the queue while I was listening in my faux audiophile headset. And it sounded really damn good. I knew immediately that it was going to my playlist.

tiny moving parts manila

Fast forward to last week, I only know about six or seven songs of them so I was worried that I may have jumped the gun by buying early bird tickets to their concert. But everything changed immediately after they started performing. It was like I was listening to the studio version of their songs but only more chaotic because of the fans singing along and screaming. I still can’t believe how Dylan is able to sing and play the guitar like he does at the same time.

But some people were having too much fun

The only downside in my experience in this concert is there are other concert goers that ruined some moments. I mean, sure, the band seems cool with all the “going up on the stage and then jumping onto the crowd” thing but there were times when they were over the line and interrupted the performance. One guy sang on Dylan’s microphone and two others did the same with Matthew’s. The vocalist played it cool, but missed some lines because he has to pickup the mic. While the bassist, looks quite annoyed because he has to adjust the microphone on two different occasions because some cool kids grabbed it, needless to say, he also missed some of his vocal parts due to this.

At least do it properly

I actually don’t mind them pulling off stunts like that as long as they don’t interfere with the performance in any way. And it doesn’t even feel natural or like a spur of the moment thing. It looked like they were doing it because they saw other people doing it on YouTube in several Tiny Moving Parts gigs. And the production staff isn’t even doing anything, they could have at least inform the public that anyone who may interrupt the performance or invading the band’s personal space would have consequences.

Also I brought my gimbal, but it wasn’t allowed inside the Skydome. It would be cool if the organizers posted guidelines in their social media accounts on what you can and can’t bring in these events.

Worth it

In the end, it turned out to be the best 800 pesos I’ve ever spent. it was short but they performed perfectly when uninterrupted. It was a blast and we rocked out to every song, even to those we didn’t know.


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