Monthly Catch Up: FAIL, FAIL, FAIL


Spider-man PS4 Pro Unboxing Fail

A little late to the Spider-Man party
#Spiderman #PS4 #PS4Pro

Posted by Bistek PH on Friday, September 21, 2018

So, we did an unboxing video for the limited edition PS4 Pro earlier this month. I shot it with the help of our friends in Nerd Rage PH and while it’s just a simple unboxing clip it was fun and I was very happy because it is starting to look more professional. But while I was on the process of putting together the clips, I had a strange problem with the video we took with an iPhone because apparently the file is not compatible with Apple’s very own iMovie. Good job, Apple!

Monthly Build YouTube Video Fail

I was in the middle of making a video for this month’s build guides when I realized that it is barely different from the previous ones. So, right now I’m thinking of reworking how I make this build guides since the changes are mostly price updates. I already have an idea but I’m still figuring out how I could encourage my YouTube viewers to visit the blog.


I actually wrote an article about this, and as of this writing there’s still zero support for Ray Tracing. It’s ironic that for something we waited for so long, it felt absolutely rushed.

Klook Travel Fest 2018 Fail

To be fair, we only went hours before the second and final day of the event ended. My partner and I went to the event in hopes of getting special deals in preparation of our Hong Kong trip next year. I had very high expectations because it was Klook, and not just some “travel fair” and I was expecting “exclusive” deals but I just ended up using a code that was posted on their Facebook and other social media accounts. I didn’t even have to leave my bed to save money that day, the only good thing about that night is that I was able to go to Fireside for dinner. To be honest, the event wasn’t bad, I just ruined it with very high expectations.

Battlefield V Open Beta Impressions

Back on the battlefield! #BattlefieldV

Posted by Bistek PH on Thursday, September 6, 2018

I played some Battlefield V during the Open Beta and I could pretty much say that I enjoyed it. It could be better but it’s already potentially better than BF1 in my books. Some of my observations are as follows:

  • Spotting system rework is still a love-hate for me, I love its realistic approach but I hate that I spend more time looking for tiny dots that may or may not move on the screen than shooting people.
  • I had no problems with the low ammo reserve issue because it promotes squad play but for most people it’s a chore that you have to stop by ammo boxes after spawning rather than jumping into action.
  • I agree with an issue that JackFrags pointed out with the weapon upgrade system becoming too overpowered and imbalanced due to the fact that it has no drawbacks.
  • The audio most of the time doesn’t sound natural at all.
  • I am actually surprised that a GTX 1060 could play this game at max settings smoothly.

Hoping for a better October

With the exception of the Tiny Moving Parts concert, September was pretty underwhelming. While I don’t have much planned for October, let’s just hope that it’s going to be more exciting

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