Monthly Catch Up: Rainy Long Weekend

rainy weekend

Summer has just ended and we are already experiencing tropical depressions in our country. I do love a cold weather because it is the best time to sleep. But seriously, it really is the best time to take a break and just chill. Imagine playing your hugot or chillhop playlist and sipping on your hot coffee (or ice cold beer) while reading a book or just simply browsing the internet. It is also a good time to catch up and connect with you guys. So what were you up to this long weekend?

Long weekend in BGC

This weekend I had the opportunity to have a staycation in BGC. Originally, I planned to finish writing about E3 game announcements, but I decided to just chill and bond with my fam. I took walks on both nights I was there and nothing really changed since I last went in BGC. The city still looks awesome during the night and I love how lively it is. The cloudy weather also gave a gloomy undertone during the day which is really cool. I also had the chance to enjoy some good food and will be writing about it soon.

low light

I bought a new phone

One of the reasons why I went to BGC is because we’re getting a new phone for Bistek. I’m not really someone who spends a lot of time (and money) on a phone. But the P20 Pro looks like a sound investment for our blog and hopefully, vlog. My favorite quality is obviously the camera of this phone and its capability to take pictures in low-light. I am fully aware of its weakness on 4K video capture but I don’t think it’s essential at this time. Overall, it’s a really a great phone in terms of build quality and performance.


Trying out the 5x Optical Zoom

Preparing for next week’s DnD

Last month, my ex-work friends and I started playing a new DnD campaign. It was the best session I have played so far. Our DM creatively uses Gloomhaven as our setting and I like how he’s incorporating our game with it. I’m planning on writing about our DnD experience in this blog, so I hope we had lots of fun on our next session as well.

E3 Hype

Like I said earlier, I’m still not done with our E3 2018 roundup. Nothing has really got me hyped up, I was hoping Dragon Age 4 would. But it was a no-show just like the Final Fantasy VII remake, still excited for Anthem and Fallout 76 though.

Computex 2018 was meh

Everything that was announced in Computex are pretty much high-end, nothing noteworthy for a budget PC gamer, ASUS ROG Phone was really amazing though, it’s interesting to see how this trend will go. The only notable announcement was the limited edition Core i7-8086K. We also get to see a new 28-Core Intel Processor and AMD’s new Threadripper but those are enthusiast level hardware. So yeah, I was really disappointed, I thought there’s something from Computex that I could write in this month’s “Is it a good time to upgrade or buy a gaming PC?“.

Bistek’s future

I really enjoyed blogging so far, I know I don’t have much of an audience but I hope it would eventually grow. I don’t know, I just enjoy sharing my insights and this serves as an outlet for my thoughts, hopefully my entries are helping anyone. What comes next is still a mystery, for now I hope to step up my blogging game by getting a new camera phone. In conclusion, this is all new to me and I’m loving it.

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