Monthly Catch Up: Preparing for Hong Kong Trip, No More Monthly PC Build Guides

No More Monthly PC Build Guides

Lost Momentum

There’s been a lot going on for the past few months and since October is a special month for me, I wanted to give myself some rest when I’m outside of work. Cleared out some of my weekends to binge watch and catch up on all Marvel Netflix series and played some games.

October was in general a very busy month for me and it’s pretty much going to get a lot busier in the next couple of months. I’ll be honest, I hasn’t been able to produce content on Bistek because we recently had an opportunity get plane tickets to Hong Kong. So most of my money which I should’ve been using to create content went to hotel bookings and tickets to wherever we will be going on our trip early next year. It wasn’t really planned but I promised my mom I’ll take her abroad next year, so it’s kinda the first big gift I’ll be giving to my parents since I started working(in 2014). So in the end, it’s something that I’ll be happy doing for them.

Who knows, maybe my first vlog will be in Hong Kong. But, enough of that for now.

I will no longer be creating monthly PC Build Guides

So, my monthly build guides hasn’t really been efficient, it’s almost the same thing every month with very minor changes and mainly price updates. So instead, of making it a monthly thing, I’ll be doing it quarterly but I will still keep it updated monthly. And it’s going to be more of an actual guide on each component and will feature options so that the builders could minimize or maximize their budget. It’s actually almost done, so watch out for the new “build guide” format.

That’s all for now, so what are we expecting this November:

  • Ragnarok M: Eternal Love
    • I’ll be trying this one out, we’ll see if I’ll actually write about it.
  • Fallout 76 – November 14
    • I heard that the developers effed up on this one lore-wise. Lots of discrepancy between the existing lore and will probably retcon a lot of stuff. I’m still willing to try it out, just not right away.
  • Battlefield V – November 20
    • Since I’m currently saving up, I’ll probably get this one when it goes on sale.
  • Traffic & Long Queues on Transport Terminals

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