Monthly Catch Up: Work, YouTube and Slow Internet

Getting real busy at work


I still haven’t had the time to continue finishing our E3 coverage for our game announcements segment. It got quite busy on my day job when our off-shore bosses made a week-long visit in our office. Plus, the continuous bad weather also makes my daily commute more hassle and longer than usual. These past few days I no longer had the energy to write when I get home. Hopefully, the weather would get better soon. Which is quite ironic because I enjoy writing when it’s cold and raining while listening to chill tunes.

Our first product review video is out now!


If you haven’t seen our first YouTube review of the SpectrePro’s G255SL, check it out here. It was my first time playing on a monitor with a higher refresh rate than 60Hz. Truly an amazing, refreshing experience especially if you enjoy First-person Shooters.

I need fiber internet connection!

Uploading videos from our house is too slow, and I really wanted to try game streaming but the only ISP in my area with fiber is PLDT. We’re currently subscribed to Globe and we have a really stable connection with decent download speed but the upload is really terrible. The 36-month lock up period with PLDT is too much of a risk to take though. So, sad.

New toy for my future ‘vlogging’ career


I mentioned last month that I purchased a Huawei P20 Pro to step up my blogging game. While I do enjoy using that phone as a camera, its video recording sucks. I made some research and found out that my issues with 4K and 1080p60fps recording could be solved by getting a gimbal. So I purchased an DJI Osmo Mobile 2, I will create a video soon to test them together.

What’s cookin’

I’m currently prepping a video guide that I hope could help budget builders specially those who are new to PC building. I’m also thinking of making a vlog series in YouTube featuring food reviews, I’m not really a food critic but I do enjoy good food. So watch out for that!


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