Monthly Catch Up: Paramore, The International 2018 and More Work

I had a really busy August and even though it was exhausting, I still think it was truly fun. I didn’t have a lot of time to write this month so I’m just going to write some of my thoughts about the things of what I did this month.

Monster Hunter World… has connection issues at launch

I was really excited to play this game but I was really disappointed when some friends of mine and I played during its launch weekend. We were having connection issues where someone will just drop out of the session while hunting some big monster. We are forced to play solo and that’s when the essence of playing Monster Hunter kind of died for me.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a fun grinding game and the issue was probably only prevalent at launch but The International 2018‘s hype got into me and I decided to drop the game. I’m just not so sure when I am going to play it again.

The International 2018

OG did it! I was so sure PSG.LGD was going to win TI but N0tail and his team really showed up this year. And that’s after Fly and S4 had just recently left the team to join Evil Geniuses.

In retrospect though, for a moment I thought that this year’s The International was the best TI (and for a lot of people too). I still think TI3’s Alliance vs Na`Vi had the most epic finals and TI6’s Wings Gaming still had the most exciting run in TI. With that being said, this year’s The International is still truly one of the best TI, we got a 5-game grand finale, lot of EG-OG drama and just some good Dota.

Ain’t It Fun


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v special night with you Manila 🤲🏻 thank you

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I’m not really a big fan of Paramore but I had the opportunity to watch them perform last August 23 at the MOA Arena and it was great. I’m a fan of really sad songs and I almost teared up when they played ‘26‘. They’ll really get you going  and they could really make you dance (I know, cos I did).

What I find really good about their current music (After Laughter) is that most people, specially around my age, relates really well. The theme of pressure, anxiety, depression and exhaustion easily translates to adulting problems. Believe it or not, it’s not easy for everyone to adjust from being their young and dumb self into a responsible adult. And it’s great that they have this kind of music that they can cope and relate with, and make them feel like they’re not alone through all the challenges and hardships they are going through.

august paramore the international 2018

Okay, that kinda got deep. Anyways, they sang Drake’s Passionfruit and damn, it was so good.

And then there’s work

I still wasn’t able to continue working on some original content that I mentioned last month for our YouTube channel due to heavy workloads. I promise that I’ll try harder to upload the guides monthly starting next month.

That’s all for August. So what do we have in store for next month?

Nvidia’s next generation GPUs will be released next month. I can’t afford a RTX 2080 Ti right now but we’ll a take look at the reviews and decide if it’s worth buying or if we should just buy the secondhand GTX 1080 Tis that’s gonna be up for grabs soon.

Battlefield V Open Beta Testing will be available from September 6 to 11, might be worth checking out specially after all the heat their getting.

Tiny Moving Parts, an ‘emo revival‘ band will be playing in SM North Edsa Skydome on September 9. I just discovered them recently by accident while calibrating my headset and they’ve been my favorite for 2018 so far. So I’m excited to see them perform live.

Haven’t had a gaming console since the first Playstation but next month, we will unbox a Spider-man Playstation 4 Pro and maybe do some ‘first impressions’ about the console and the game.

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