NVIDIA GeForce RTX, Yay or Nay?

rtx 2080tiThe Most Powerful Gaming GPU To Date

NVIDIA has just release the latest generation of graphics card, the GeForce RTX series powered by Turing architecture. I’m not gonna bore you guys with its main feature Ray Tracing and other technical details that you can probably just google, so I’m just going to say it now, the RTX 2080Ti is with no doubt the best card out there in the market.

It Sounds Likes There’s A Catch

Well, there is. It’s a much more expensive compared to the previous generation. The GTX 1080 was priced at $549 at launch while RTX 2080‘s are at $799. And the RTX 2080Ti is at a whopping price of $1,199 compared to GTX 1080Ti‘s $699 price. So yeah, it doesn’t feel like an upgrade of its predecessor and we’ll have to pay a lot for that extra feature.

Feature? What Feature?

Apparently, as of the day of this writing, there’s no support of Ray Tracing in games. Shadow of the Tomb Raider supposedly supports it but will be applied through a patch some time later. So based on the reviews already out there in the internet the RTX 2080 is currently just an expensive GTX 1080Ti.


The RTX 2080 and RTX 2080Ti are in no way bad cards. Sure they are expensive but they are good. But is it worth it? Now that’s the question, the price of these cards specially here in the Philippines are too damn high. If you are into 4K gaming then budget is not an issue for you and you’ll definitely be happy to get your hands on that RTX 2080Ti. But just like what said above, the RTX 2080 is just an expensive GTX 1080Ti. And it’s too early to invest on that Ray Tracing feature.

I’m actually due for a GPU upgrade by Christmas or early next year. But for now I’ll wait for the RTX 2070 release and reviews and maybe some games that would support Ray Tracing before I decide to buy one or just get a GTX 1070Ti and save money.

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