Intel’s Iris Plus Promises Better Performance Than Mobility GPUs, APUs

Intel‘s keynote at Computex 2019 was lackluster at best. It is pretty hard to follow AMDs exciting reveals with the announcement of a 10nm CPU that has been in development for the past two years. But there is something to be excited about: Intel Iris Plus. It is the Gen 11 Graphics that come intergrated with Intel’s 10th-generation Ice Lake CPUs.

The chip manufacturer claimed that Iris Plus has 64 EUs running at 1.1 GHz and has 1.12 TFLOPs of compute power. For comparison, discrete mobility GPUs like NVIDIA‘s MX110, 130 and 150 provide 0.51, 0.95 and 1.17 TFLOPs. That means Intel is poised to make discrete mobility GPUs irrelevant. Intel also seems keen to take on AMDs popular Ryzen/Vega APUs in the integrated graphics space.

Intel Iris Plus

Courtesy of Intel

The previous generations of Intel HD integrated graphics have always been the trusty workhorse that budget desktops and laptops use. However, it’s only there to at least get display out. The performance numbers that Intel presented claimed that Iris Plus can play popular titles like Fortnite and Rainbow Six Siege at over 30FPS in 1080p with Medium settings. It may not sound too impressive to the hardest of the hardcore gamers, but we are talking integrated graphics here. It’s not far off from what a discrete MX150 can provide, or even that of what a GT 1030 can churn out. Budget builders who plan to get their GPUs later on can at least use Iris Plus to game.

Iris Plus’s success will be a good indication of how Intel’s Xe GPUs will perform, which are rumored to come out in 2020. But, of course, these are just promises and they remain to be proven. Intel is also expected to release more information on Iris Plus at E3 this June.


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