Intel Announces Limited Edition i7-8086K Processor


Intel Core i7-8086K – Credit: Intel Corporation

It features Intel’s first 6-core, 12-threads and integrated graphics in an 1151-pin package supporting a 64-bit instruction set. And, it’s the first Intel processor to deliver up to 5.0 GHz single-core turbo frequency. Higher frequency allows for improved single-threaded performance, which can be utilized across several gaming and content creation applications.

Intel has just announced the Intel Core i7-8086K Limited Edition processor at Computex 2018 in Taiwan. The release of i7-8086K commemorates the 40th anniversary of Intel’s first processor in the x86 series and the first 8086 processor. It seems that the speculations are true and these are just binned i7-8700Ks. However, I think that spending more money for a definite performance gain is worth it if you can utilize it. And there is no doubt that this CPU will be a beast in gaming.

Intel Core i7-8086K Giveaway

In celebration of its release, Intel will be giving away 8,086 units of the limited edition processor. Intel also celebrates their 50th anniversary next month. Unfortunately, the giveaway is only available to limited countries. To join the giveaway and for more information, visit this website:

New “Gaming King”?

While this processor will most likely replace the i7-8700K as the “king of gaming” CPU. Yet I still consider it a luxury that you should only consider if you’re buying hardware that can keep up with it. Hence, I think it’s a great pickup if you’re playing in a high-refresh rate monitor with a high-end setup.

Pricing and Release Date

There is no word on a release date yet but pre-orders are available starting June 8 2018. And there is still no official mention of the price as of this writing but the sweepstakes details declared the prize value at $425. I estimate that that it would land at around Php 22,000 to Php 24,000 locally. As a result, I don’t think it will fit any of the gaming builds I’ll be making in the near future.

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