Php 50K Gaming PC Build Guide [Q3 2019]

50K Gaming PC

The goal is to build a mid-range gaming setup while trying to keep the cost close to the Php 50,000 budget range. The build guide only includes the System Unit. Also, please remember that this is only a guide, and you don’t need to follow it religiously. Please feel free to suggest what you think can improve the build(s) within this price segment.

50K Gaming PC – AMD –  Total: Php 49,610

LAST UPDATED: September 7, 2019

Prices are based on PC HUB Online PL (Bought with PC)


The new AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is the best candidate for this price range. This Ryzen 5 processor has definitely outclassed its Intel counterpart since the Ryzen 5 3600 performs better on tasks that utilizes multiple cores or, simply put, heavy productivity tasks while only being a bit behind in gaming. Besides, if you don’t have a high-end gpu and will only play games at [email protected], Intel’s advantage over AMD at gaming is basically non-existent.

CPU Cooler

The AMD Ryzen 5 3600 comes with a stock cooler and it does the job. Although not immediately nor necessary, we’d suggest investing for a decent cooler like the Deepcool Gammaxx 400. A CPU cooler will help preserve the CPU’s hardware quality specially in our country’s warm weather.

If you’re planning to overclock right away, you should invest on something a little more expensive like the Hyper 212 LED Turbo CPU Air Cooler or Cryorig H7.


The third generation Ryzen processors are initially shipped with the new X570 chipset, but we can still use the previous chipsets such as the B450 and X470 for the new Ryzen processors. Basically, we’d only suggest an X570 motherboard if we’re going to put a PCIe 4.0 SSD. For this build any B450 motherboard will do but make sure to ask the store a perform a BIOS update so they can support the latest Ryzen processors. MSI motherboards also offers a MAX version for some B450 motherboards that supports third generation Ryzen out of the box.


Ryzen builds benefit greatly with high frequency RAM (3200 MHz or more).

Video Card

AMD‘s new RX 5700 offers great value for money as well in terms of performance, it’s better than the RTX 2060 and almost head to head with the improved RTX 2060 Super.  So your decisions depends on whether you’ll be benefiting of Nvidia‘s Ray Tracing technology.

Storage – HDD

For the storage, we will simply get the most reliable HDD in the market, the Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB.

Storage – SSD

We recommend the Western Digital Caviar Green SSD 120GB SATA version and then reserve the M.2 slot for a more high performance SSD in the future.

Power Supply

The Seasonic M12II 520w is a reliable PSU for this build and we think it’s appropriate for this budget range to opt for a modular PSU.


As for the case, this should be entirely up to you. For this price range, we would suggest the Tecware Nexus M because it looks good, has USB 3.0 (pretty much a standard now in 2019), and it comes with three 120mm Tecware case fans, so you don’t have to worry too much about airflow.

For this price segment, though, if you can spend more on a PC case, you could checkout the Phanteks P300 TG.

These setups will be able to handle Grand Theft Auto VMonster Hunter: World, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Dota 2, League of LegendsOverwatch, and CS:GO on max settings. You can play any of the recent titles like Far Cry New Dawn, Metro: Exodus or Battlefield V smoothly without any problems on 1440p or if you’re into competitive shooters, you’ll be able to utilize these builds when paired with a high refresh rate monitor. Casual streaming is also viable with these builds.

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If you have any questions about this build or need recommendations, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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13 Responses

  1. Makoy says:

    Does the MSI B450M Mortar Max supports RGB sync since I plan to get a DC Gammazz GTE Aura Sync RGB?

  2. Ed Detablan says:

    im planning to build by November, Should I go for a MOBO with Wifi or just purchase a USB wifi receiver?

    • RoninVampire says:

      If it’s for gaming, LAN cable is still the best. 5Ghz Wi-Fi is a far second choice. So if your router is has 5Ghz capability, better a current gen mobo with built in wi-fi because it supports 5ghz. If your router is only 2.4ghz-capable then a wi-fi dongle is your only choice.

  3. Marione says:

    Keep it up Big fan here. Thanks for this. More please. 🙂

  4. Daniel says:

    Hello! Currently on a tight budget, so kelangan may i sacrifice na component. Satingin niyo po sir ano mas maganda, 2600+RX5700 or 3600+1660Super? Thanks!

  5. Andrew says:

    Hi, i was following your PC builds for a while and have decided to get the list above for xmas in hopes of getting good deals.
    Since i have given some allowance on my budget, can i up the CPU to R7 3800X, and GPU to RX 5800XT, while retaining the rest of the components?

    Thank you and more power!

  6. Andrew says:

    Hi, im planning to assemble a gaming pc using your list this December hoping to get xmas deals. Since i can spare some cash beyond 50k, is it okay if I up my cpu to R7 3800X and gpu to RX 5700XT?

    Thank you and more power!

  7. Christian Stewart says:

    Hello sir can you comment on the build that I’m making. This is my first time and I’d appreciate some help from you 🙂

    CPU – AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6-Core 12-Thread 3.4-3.9 ghz 16mb 65W AM4, Wraith Stealth – P 6820

    MOTHERBOARD – MSI B450M Pro VDH Plus (AM4) B450, mATX, 4*ddr4 – P 4825

    RAM – 16gb (dual) ddr4 3600 Patriot Viper RGB, black, CL17 1.35v, pn: PVR416G360C7K – P 5865

    GPU – Galax GTX 1660 OC 1-Click OC, pn: 60SRH7DSY91C – P 11530

    HDD – 2tb Seagate Barracuda hdd, 256mb 7200rpm, pn: ST2000DM008 – P 3075

    SSD – 250gb Samsung 860 EVO SSD M.2 sata 2280; R|W: 550|520 88k|97K, pn: MZ-N6E250
    – P 2955

    PSU – Thermaltake TT Smart RGB, 700watts PSU, 80 White, pn: PS-SPR-0700NHSAWU-1 – P – 3675

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