Is it a good time to upgrade or buy a gaming PC? [Early 2019]

Another year has passed and you still haven’t upgraded your rig? Maybe 2019 will finally be the time to upgrade or buy a gaming PC

The last few months of the year 2018 has been great for consumers with all the “sales” and price drops during the holiday season. Let’s take a quick look at some components from six months ago and compare it to prices today.

Is it a good time to upgrade or buy a gaming PC?

  • While both processor had price increases, Intel took a more massive hit which might be caused by stock shortage they reported late last year.
  • Nvidia’s previous generation GPU prices have normalized while their AMD counterparts are still nowhere to be found even long after the crypto currency mining craze is over.
  • RAM prices have dropped significantly, for some models the drop ranges up to around 5,000 pesos. It’s still not as cheap as when it first launched, but definitely more acceptable.
  • We’re not really tracking SSD prices but their prices are too attractive right now. ~250GB SSDs for less than 2,000 pesos? Yes, please!

Is it a good time to upgrade or buy a gaming PC?

As of this writing, now is definitely a good time to buy or upgrade your rig. It might not be the best time but it’s definitely better than anytime over the past year.

Check out these build guides:

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