Is it a good time to upgrade or buy a gaming PC? [June-July 2018]

price drop

  • Last month, GPUs started having minor price drop around 100-400 peso savings. Today, these discounts ranged from a few hundreds to a whopping ~7,000 peso price cut on a 1070 Ti.
  • There are rumors that the next-gen Nvidia GPUs will be announced next month. Currently these are unconfirmed but is it the reason of the massive price drop on GPUs?
  • DDR4 Memory prices are still unstable and hasn’t really shown any real signs of dropping.

Is it a good time to upgrade or buy a gaming PC?

Let’s not forget that even with these price drop, most of these prices are nowhere near their original SRP. Currently, the cheapest dual fan GTX 1060 6GB is priced at Php, 15,680. Again, I have bought my GTX 1060 6GB for Php 12,995 and there are people looking to buy secondhands for Php 12,500 in TipidPC.

Normally, I wouldn’t suggest waiting but since the cryptocurrency mining craze is dying combined with the rumors of the next-gen Nvidia GPUs being launched as early as next month. Waiting seems like a good idea specially if the next-gen GPU rumors are true it could also result to even bigger discounts to the current-gen GPU in the market.

It’s okay not to wait though, if you want to, you can just bite the bullet. Next-gen GPUs may be better but it wouldn’t make any current-gen GPUs worse. Also, the GTX 1070 Ti for Php 20,500 is still a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

So, Is it a good time to upgrade or buy a gaming PC now? Personally, still no. In summary of what I have said, the current prices are nowhere their original and the launch of next-gen could even better these prices. And the RAM situation is also nowhere near stable.

If you’re still decided to buy a gaming PC, check out these build guides:

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