Is it a good time to upgrade or buy a gaming PC? [May 2018]

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  • AMD recently released Ryzen second-gen processors. This lineup is great for any all-rounder gaming PC along with the Ryzen APUs released earlier this year. These are going to be great options for those who are planning to buy a new gaming PC.
  • Intel finally released their “mainstream” motherboards for non-overclocking CPU, it could possibly be the top contender when paired with an i5-8400 in the mid-range gaming bracket.
  • GPU prices have been dropping back near to their SRP since it peaked early this year. The reason for the price drop might be attributed to the declining interest of cryptocurrency mining. But it is yet to be reflected on our local market.

Is it a good time to upgrade or buy a gaming PC?

If you’re looking to buy a new gaming PC, you can’t go wrong with these Ryzen chips specially that its current chipset will be supported until 2020, meaning that if you decided to get one now, you’ll have the option to upgrade to AMD’s next few offerings without having to buy a new motherboard.

With the release of Intel’s cheaper non-overclocking motherboards, the i5-8400 becomes a really solid choice for its price. The only problem is that the Ryzen 5 2600, offers a lot more in terms of productivity and tasks that involved multiple cores while not being significantly behind in gaming performance compared to the Intel chip. If you’re strictly sticking to your budget and only care about gaming, it is still an excellent chip.

So, Is it a good time to upgrade or buy a gaming PC now? Personally, I would say no. If you’re buying a full setup, the CPU department is really great right now with AMD finally stepping up and GPU prices is starting to drop down so it might be a good idea to wait a little longer, but even with that being said, RAM prices are still almost double of their original price and it would cost you more than Php 10,000 just for the RAM since by today’s standard, 8GB of RAM is no longer enough for modern and upcoming games.

If you’re still decided to buy a gaming PC, check out these build guides:

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