Game Announcements [June 2018] — EA (E3 Part 1)

game announcements

Before anything

“War never changes”

But games, they always do. With the rising popularity of battle royale genre and multiplayer and online-only features on single player games we know and love. We’ll probably see games in E3’s game announcements with these features and lots of people are going to whine about these changes. But let’s look at the brighter side, maybe these are the changes we have to go through for games to evolve. Who knows, maybe it’s going to be a brilliant idea, maybe it’s going to be as dumb as it sounds in paper and die quickly. But at least the people behind these game are trying to change things up. If they didn’t change their ‘formula‘, new games will probably be boring as hell, and people will still have something to whine about.

Oh no, Anthem is going to be multiplayer

Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition both had online multiplayer mode. But it didn’t make the experience any worse for me. What it did for me is provide me an option to play with other people and kill some mobs. And to be honest, I enjoyed it. With that being said, I never really felt the obligation to play the multiplayer, and I got bored with it real quick and then moved on.

Batte royale mode in Battlefield V?!

The argument that “if they didn’t make abc, then xyz would be much better” and is just some statement that can never be proven right or wrong. Again, just like an optional multiplayer, a Battle Royale mode looks like a fun addition to Battlefield V. But don’t worry, Battlefield is actually a good multiplayer game so don’t expect the players to play the Battle Royale mode exclusively unlike Fortnite.

Now, games like Battlefield V, Anthem and Fallout 76 will probably attract those kind of haters. Please don’t get carried away with all their whining and complaint without actually playing the final product. And, let’s not forget Mass Effect Andromeda, EA didn’t kill it, the graphics glitch didn’t kill it, and Anthem didn’t kill it. Its own fandom killed it. Everyone should calm down and just see how it will play out.

EA — Game Announcements

Anthem – February 22 2019

As I have mentioned in the previous post, Anthem is the one game I’m super excited about. Anthem, is an online action RPG that’s kind of similar to Destiny 2. It’s still not clear to me how a role-playing heavy game, with choices and consequences will play out in multiplayer co-op. Although, I assume there will be restrictions for matchmaking when it comes to a story-mission to solve that. And co-op will be focused more on side-quest and/or raids.

Battlefield V – October 19 2018

I have nothing much to say about this one since they’ve already announced it last month. Although, they have hinted a Battle royale mode, and I’m quite excited to see what they’ve done with it. The multiplayer gameplay demo looks really fine as well. I’m hoping Battlefield V will reignite that feeling I once had with the older titles.

Jedi: Fallen Order – Holiday 2019

Respawn Entertainment, the creators of Titanfall announced a new Star Wars game set between Episodes 3 and 4. Titanfall 2 was a masterpiece and it’s interesting to see what kind of game this will be, considering that Titanfall is a first-person shooter.

Sea of Solitude – Early 2019

Not really a fan of Indie games, the trailer looks really neat though. The art and the song gives such a spooky and nice vibe at the same time. Sea of Solitude is a game that tackles depression and that’s pretty much what I know about it.

Command and Conquer: Rivals

This one’s getting the most hate so far, Command & Conquer Rivals is mobile real-time strategy game a la Clash Royale. I don’t get all the hate, it’s understandable for such franchise to venture into mobile gaming. With the gaming phone trend and competitive games in mobile recently, this seems like a good risk to take.

None of the EA game announcements stood out for me, it is still a good lineup nonetheless. I was surprised with the Jedi: Fallen Order reveal but the lack of key details did not leave me excited. I think EA is on a road to redemption due to the loot box drama over Star Wars Battlefront II release. They’re not going to charge for expansions in Battlefield V and promised that micro-transactions will be cosmetics only for Anthem, and that is really great.

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