Anthem Launches Today, February 22


Bioware’s latest game, Anthem, launches today. Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing game wherein players assume the role of a Freelancer that pilots an Ironman-like suit called Javelins to explore the world.


Combat is probably the strongest suit for this game while flight adds a delightful experience during exploration. We’ve played the demo and the early part of the story and although it was buggy, it was fun as hell. Bioware has provided a Day One Update yesterday so we hope they made drastic improvements for user experience. Overall, I wouldn’t say that this is a great game to buy at launch. But the developers have been doing a great job so far of listening to feedbacks and providing solutions. Optimization for PC is not good as of this moment as well, we would suggest waiting for another update or two before picking up this game.

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