The International 2018 Direct Invites and China Dota2 Supermajor

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China Supermajor, the final Dota Pro Circuit Tournament has just concluded with Team Liquid beating Virtus.Pro with a 3-2 score in a BO5 Finale. As a result, the top 8 teams in the DPC ranking will be invited to The International 2018.

Direct Invites to The International 2018

  1. Virtus.Pro – CIS – 12375 Points
    • RAMZES666, No[o]ne, 9pasha, RodjER, Solo
  2. Team Liquid – EU – 9461 Points
    • MATUMBAMAN, Miracle-, MinD_ContRoL, GH, KuroKy
  3. PSG.LGD – China – 7335 Points
    • Ame. Maybe, Chalice, fy, xNova
  4. Team Secret – EU – 5137 Points
    • Ace, Midone, FATA, yaPZor, Puppey
  5. Mineski– SEA – 3150 Points
    • Mushi, Moon, iceiceice, Jabz, ninjaboogie
  6. Vici Gaming– China – 2835 Points
    • Paparazi, Ori, eLeVeN, LaNm, Fenrir
  7. Newbee – China – 2445 Points
    • Moogy, Sccc, kpii, Kaka, Faith
  8. VGJ.Thunder – China – 1935 Points
    • Sylar, Freeze, Yang, Fade, ddc

I believe that the top four teams in the rankings are consistently on top of their game. While the bottom half, along with other teams who did not make the list, really struggles when matched against the top four. It seems that most teams will have a lot to prove if they want a shot at the aegis. Let’s hope that the other teams step up on the following qualifier tournaments for The International 2018.

The International 2018 Regional Qualifiers

Valve has just announced the allocated slots for each regions in The International. Here are my predictions for the Regional Qualifiers winners:

  • 3 NA
    • Optic Gaming
    • VGJ.Storm
    • Evil Geniuses
  • 2 SEA
    • TNC Pro Team
    • Fnatic
  • 1 SA
    • paiN Gaming
  • 2 China
    • Keen Gaming
    • EHOME
  • 1 EU
    • Five Dogs (?)
  • 1 CIS
    • Natus Vincere Team Spirit

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Thoughts about China Dota2 Supermajor

Finally, a DPC Major with a proper format, no BO1 eliminations, amazing talents and awesome games.

Team Liquids smooth performance in the playoffs and an epic finale

Team Liquid didn’t drop a single game up until the Grand Finals against These two teams are truly the top contenders of this year’s Dota and this series might be a sneak peek of TI8’s grand finals.’s play style usually relies on capitalizing on team fights from early on and maintaining an advantage leading to a victory. While Team Liquid is more of a clean play-style where they basically enable their carry, hit their timings, pick the right fights and win clinically. And their individual matchups are pretty much equal as well, it would be really interesting if these two meet at TI8’s grand finals.

Disappointing outcomes

As a fan of Evil Geniuses it’s sad to see them lose over and over again this season. Sure they won a Minor, but it was hardly a challenge without any of the top tier teams in the tournament. But then again, they are dealing with a big change in their roster(again) and the best thing I could do is hope is they figure out what they must do to keep up with the stronger teams.

Still, I’m excited and is hoping to see some surprising dotes for the upcoming The International 2018 regional qualifiers. What about you guys, which team/s do you want to qualify in TI8?

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