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Anthem Launches Today, February 22

Bioware’s latest game, Anthem, launches today. Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing game wherein players assume the role of a Freelancer that pilots an Ironman-like suit called Javelins to explore the world.  ...

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Game Announcements [June 2018] — Microsoft (E3 Part 2)

Microsoft — Game Announcements Microsoft had a bunch of reveals on their E3 presentation including Fallout 76. I won’t be listing everything, and since I’m mostly restricted to PC gaming. I have little insights to...

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Game Announcements [June 2018] — EA (E3 Part 1)

Before anything “War never changes” But games, they always do. With the rising popularity of battle royale genre and multiplayer and online-only features on single player games we know and love. We’ll probably see...